Project Director- Muhammad Asghar Kalhoro, Iqra Higher Secondary School, Moro, Sindh ,Pakistan.

It is of great pleasure to share with the students and parents that Iqra Public Higher Secondary School has been imparting quality education to the people of Moro and other cities of interior sindh since 2001.

Hundreds of thousands of the students, who obtained education here, are working in different public departments of the country and out country.

The main purpose of this institution is to enable the students to face the challenges of 21st century. We want students to be responsible citizens. They must encounter any challenge faced by them in their lives gallantly. It is possible by infusing them with moral and social values. Moral and social values must be communicated to young generation so that they may learn to respect everyone in the society.

We have been improving teaching and professional skills of the teachers.

 Annually Professional Development Program is conducted in which the teaching skills of the teachers are enhanced and teaching methods are boosted. In order to compete with fast growing world to boost up the subject knowledge of the teachers is also focused.

Students, on the basis of conceptual and creative learning, are taught. Creative based education is our top priority in providing quality education.

Fawad Hussain Samo – Principal- Iqra Public Higher Secondary School, Moro, Sindh, Pakistan

It is of immense pleasure to work with Iqra Public Higher Secondary School Moro. This Institution is providing quality education to the students of Moro city and other cities of interior sindh. To work on the character building of the student is mission and vision of this institution. The students are stimulated to take keen part in regular test, surprise tests, monthly tests, and co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities to evince their hidden talent. Students are playing their fundamental role in their study. I want them to prove to be best individual of society.

We want students to learn humanity, sense of responsibility and sense of realization to serve the nation.

I believe that a good human can be a good doctor, a good advocate, a good businessman and an individual of society. To serve humanity is equal to worship.

 May Allah bestow them with many blessings and show them right path. They must be helping hand to their parents and do good for their country.